SXD (Shelly Xu Design) is about maximizing beauty using minimalism. We create artful, versatile and functional pieces that not only produce no waste but also reduce the waste left by the fashion industry. We are building a design-tech software solution that turns leftover/wasted textiles into beautiful zero waste clothing with about 55% lower cost.

As a child, Shelly sat on a refrigerator to dine with her parents in a 70 sq ft home. The space could only fit one table or one bed at a time, so Shelly learned to rearrange furniture throughout the day to make living work. That was when she first began to explore creativity under constraint, the same principle that maximizes the beauty of SXD clothing under resource constraints.

Each SXD product starts with leftover or wasted fabric. We “unwaste” fabric from brands and suppliers that would have gone to landfill by using them as the starting points of zero waste designs.

In contrast to traditional clothing designs that leave 10-30% of the fabric as unusable scraps, we use multi-objective optimization to ensure aesthetic, efficient designs with zero fabric waste in the pattern.

We believe that no matter how sustainable a piece of clothing is, if it doesn’t get worn and loved, it’s just waste. In addition to ensuring great products, we minimize inventory waste by starting with small batch pilots and on-demand manufacturing.

We produce our designs by partnering with local seamstresses and climate refugees, who allow us to meet your demand accurately and efficiently. We actively seek out skilled seamstresses in our communities to provide them with fair pay and job opportunities.

Once a garment is complete and quality checked for durability, we deliver it using high quality, reusable packaging.

The best circular economy stays with you, our customer. We design our pieces to be worn and loved over and over again. All SXD products are made with versatility in mind. We test each piece on people of multiple sizes to make sure that the design fits you even if your body changes. We work to offer timeless style, comfort and functionality.