In Bangladesh, one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world, textile waste is taking over. By 2050, climate change and rising sea levels will displace ~20 million people in the country. We can reverse this. One jacket at a time.

Our Jackets:

  • Beautiful, comfortable, original zero waste designs
  • 4x higher local wage paid to climate refugees
  • 80-90% less carbon emissions
  • Upcycled raw denim
  • One size fits all

Humanizing Labor

We pay climate refugees and other flood impacted locals 4x more than the hourly local wage. They are world-class seamstresses. We get to help rebuild their lives.

Beautifying Denim

Bangladesh is one of the largest dumping grounds for denim waste. We used the “roll-end” denim strips destined for landfill to create this zero fabric and water waste jacket.
Each jacket is one step closer to a clean planet with 80%+ smaller carbon footprint.

Keeping it Raw

Most denim fabrics today are washed with harmful chemicals. We keep the material raw and are GOATS certified in our treatment.

Maximizing Minimalism

We take minimalism to the next level. Our jacket is unisex and one size fits most. We achieve this by creating a versatile silhouette that works as an oversized jacket for S-M and fit jacket for L. This simplicity allows us to hire even the newly trained climate refugees to work.

Translating Local Culture into Sustainability

Our straight cuts and deep blue fabric take inspiration from the vibrant Salwar Kameez that Bangladesh women wear. These women have traditionally been the unsung heroes behind our clothes. We want to bring their vibe into the core of our design.